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Today's Pool Hours - 11a to 8p  
Pool FAQs

Many questions can be answered by reading the full rules. Please ensure you are familiar with full rules and below FAQ. 


Communication: Email, Text, Facebook 
Text messages are the fastest way to get time sensitive information about operations (such as weather closures) and event reminders. To get text messages send the message: @summerhil3 (yes, only 1 l) to number: 81010

Email updates usually contain more detailed information and are sent to the emails you provide on your member dashboard for heads of household.

The Facebook page (Summer Hill Swim Club) has occasional updates about events, lost and found inventory, etc.


Operating Hours 2024
The pool opens the Saturday before Memorial Day and the final day of the season is Labor Day
Weekends & holidays: 11am – 8pm
Weekdays: 1pm-7pm when public school is in session*
Beginning June 15 the pool is open daily from 11am – 8pm.
*Hours will be abbreviated again on weekdays when public schools resume in late August.

Please see the swim team paragraph below to understand when practices and meets occur during operating hours or check for updated Open Hours on our Calendar.

The whistle blows for everyone to get out of the pool 15 minutes before closing, this is the signal that you should start packing up to leave so that you can be out of the facility by 8pm. Please respect this closing time so the guards can have time to clean and straighten for the next day.


Guests on Holiday Weekends

On holiday weekends, a member family is limited to 1 family per day as guests of the member. Please see rules for full guest policies.


Update your Household! 
Please make sure that you update pictures for each of your family members on the Member Dashboard. This is how we will be checking you into the pool and once again how purchases will be made at the snack bar.


Driving and Parking
A reminder that SHSC is in our residential neighborhood with a speed limit of 25mph. Please please be courteous and do not speed while getting to and leaving the pool. Our pool driveway can be accessed at 13709 1/2 Harcum Rd. and is a one-way drive. Enter and exit the driveway slowly. If there is a car coming in the opposing direction one person will have to back out and let the other through. Please make sure to remain on the pavement and do not pull into the grass to resolve the right-of-way. Be kind to each other.


Swim Team Practices & Meets
The swim team practices in the afternoons from 4:15-6:45pm in early June while BCPS is in session.

During the end of June and through the end of July, daily practices are held in the morning before the pool opens. Additional practices are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30pm-7:30pm to accommodate swimmers who cannot attend in the mornings.

Please see the event calendar for home swim meet dates. On these Saturdays, the pool will remain closed to membership until the meet is over around 1pm. A text message will be sent when the pool is open to membership. Thank you for being flexible and supporting our young athletes, Go Stingrays!

Interested in joining next year? See the swim team tab to get additional information.


Swim lessons are offered at the pool and can be arranged through the Pool Manager or swim team coaches. See full rules for additional info.


Swim Test (see Rules > Swimming Pool Rules section for additional details)

The swim test is assessed by the pool manager, usually at the top of every hour, in a lap lane. All children 13 and younger must pass the deep end swim test before they are permitted to swim in the diving well. The Lifeguard Staff will maintain a list of members and guests that have passed a swim test. A bracelet will be provided after the child passes test the first time. This should be worn when using the deep end. Non-swimmers are not permitted in the deep/diving well end. Swimmers are not allowed in the baby pool.


Non-swimmers: Flotation devices and swim check 

Please see details of rules under ‘Swimming Pool Rules’ for full information.


Wading Pool 
We also ask your help to keep all chairs out of the wading pool, it is especially a hazard because there is no guard on duty, and the bottom of the pool is plaster which can be damaged by metal chairs.


Please remind children to wash off sand before they jump in the pool, there is a shower/hose at the top of the steps to do this as well as one near the main gate. This hose is for washing sand only, please also remind children that it is not for playing with or for water fights. Please encourage children who like to dig holes to fill them for safety reasons and do not dig next to/under the wooden boundaries of the volleyball court.


Snack Bar & Bills
We will be selling Concessions Credits on the website this year so that the snack bar remains cashless. Bills for any small negative credits will be issued and are expected to be paid by invoice deadline. We ask that you pay these snack bar bills promptly so that we can keep the popsicles, ice cream, and snowballs stocked and ready for you to enjoy. Please review pricing and purchasing with your children – you are responsible for any fees family members charge to your account.

The snack bar offers several microwavable foods. Microwaves are located on a table near the lifeguard office. Please help to keep them clean.

The snack bar opens 30 minutes into pool hours and closes 30 minutes before the pool. (Ex: Snack bar is 11:30-7:30 when pool hours are 11-8.)


Employment at the Pool
SHSC pool managers and lifeguards, and are employed through DRD as they are our contracted management company. Snack Bar and Front Gate staff are hired by the board of directors and their payroll is coordinated through DRD. Snack Bar and Front Gate staff are managed and scheduled by a Snack Bar/Front Gate Supervisor.


The calendar on the website is updated with live music dates, swim meets, and adult pick-up volleyball evenings! If you have an idea for an event at SHSC please reach out to membershipshpool@gmail.com


Deck Rental
Reservations to rent the party deck are being accepted online! Once you are logged in, reservation instructions and details can be found here.


Pool Rules 
Are posted on the Member Dashboard under Member Documents and for convenience HERE.


Member Questions and Concerns 

We ask members to communicate concerns to On-Site Managers by asking a lifeguard to direct you to them. If the issue cannot be resolved, the On-Site Manager will contact their management at DRD if it’s an employee issue. Other issues will be forwarded to the Board of Directors.

For General Inquiries and questions for specific Board Roles, email membershipSHpool@gmail.com or use our Contact form below.

Formal Complaints should be made in writing. Choose the Formal Complaints option on the Contact Form.

Contact Form

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