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Today's Pool Hours - 11a to 8p  
Pool Rules


  1. Each member family is required to pay an annual membership fee. Members will receive an email invoice from the club to renew. 
  2. Members are required to keep their contact information up to date on the website and submit a current digital photo for each person listed on the membership..
  3. A member family (or household) is defined as all persons of the same immediate family, including all persons financially dependent on the holder of the membership under the age of 21 and persons permanently residing in the same household unit. (Ex: A membership can include, at no additional cost, a grandparent who permanently resides at the member family address.) All others must be accompanied by a member and pay the daily guest fee when visiting the pool or be added to the membership as a caregiver for an additional fee. 
  4. If there is a waitlist, a non-refundable application processing fee is required. When a spot is available, an invitation to join the Club will be sent by the Board of Directors. If an individual does not elect to join the Club when a membership spot becomes available, their name will be removed from the waitlist. They may elect to later re-apply by submitting a new application and fee. New members must pay a one time non-refundable initiation fee plus the annual membership fee by invoice deadline to join the Club. 
  5. Families who formerly belonged to the pool, in good standing, and completely satisfied their initiation fee, will not be required to pay an additional fee to reactivate membership. The annual membership fee and proof of former payment of the initiation fee will be required prior to re-admittance to the facilities as a member. Re-admittance can only be accepted as space becomes available.
  6. Caregivers can be added to the membership for a fee per individual; grandparents and full time babysitters fall under this grouping. Caregivers must come with someone in the member household to which they are registered; they are not permitted to use the Club without members of the household present. Full-time babysitters, who are at least 13 years old and are not pool members, will be allowed admittance to the pool facilities as a babysitter for a pool member once they are paid for as a caregiver and registered with your membership. A full time babysitter is a person who sits for a member family on a weekly basis. Babysitters who do not qualify under the above guidelines will be required to pay guest fees. Please see guest policies for additional options. 
  7. Membership dues are non-refundable. If a member voluntarily chooses to cancel their membership and seeks a refund due to “special circumstances” (which prevents the member family from using the pool during the pool season), these situations may be reviewed on a case by case basis. Determination for such a pro-rated refund is at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. No appeal rights are granted.
  8. Summer Hill Club, Inc. reserves the right to cancel membership for rule infraction at the discretion of the Board of Directors at any time with no refund. The Club is not responsible for refunds to members or damages of any kind for any reason arising from late openings or early closings under any circumstances including, but not limited to, acts of God, mechanical failures, construction delays or inclement weather.
  9. Members and their guests agree to be responsible for the cost of all medical expenses incurred for injuries sustained while using the facilities of Summer Hill Club and members assume the sole responsibility of any first aid treatment sought and received from the Club including, but not limited to allergic reaction to first aid remedies rendered. We request you bring your medicine or allergic reaction kits with you to the Club for Bee stings, etc.


  1. The club will open on the Saturday before Memorial Day and be open through Labor Day, weather permitting.
  2. The pool hours will be 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM. There will be some variations in the hours for Saturday Swim Meets and when school is in session. Current hours can be found on our Calendar.
  3. The pool will be cleared 15 minutes prior to closing every day. The rest rooms will be locked at closing. Everyone must vacate the pool area at closing.
  4. An effort is made to text membership if the pool unexpectedly closes. Please sign up for the text blasts. Text the code @summerhil3 (yes, that’s one “l”) to 81010.


  1. To gain admittance, each member must check-in at the front gate. 
  2. Front gate staff will verify your membership and your photo with the on-line system.  In the event the WiFi is down, there will be a Membership List to be verified.
  3. All members and approved caregivers must check in and register themselves as well as any guests at the front gate.


  1. The entrance fee for guests is the same for children or adults. Fees shall be pre-paid here or paid to the gate staff during the check-in process. It is the member’s obligation to assure that guest passes are promptly deducted upon arrival.
  2. A member family is limited to 2 families per day as guests of the member.
  3. On holiday weekends, a member family is limited to 1 family per day as guests of the member.
  4. A guest may not attend the facility more than two days per calendar month regardless of the number of members who may invite the guest. An exception to this rule will be granted for guests living outside of a 15-mile radius of the Club and exceptions may be granted when there is a waitlist.
  5. Guests must be checked in by name at the gate and accompanied at all times by the club member who checked them in.
  6. Guests are bound by the same rules as Members and violations of such rules by guests may lead to suspension or expulsion of that guest from the Club.
  7. Members will be held responsible for the conduct and actions of their guests.
  8. Members who violate the above listed “Guest Policies” rules may face suspension from the club.
  9. The following are the allowable circumstances in which an adult member does not need to be present for a minor member to bring a guest. The account must have valid, pre-paid guest passes. If rules are not followed an adult member is responsible for responding to the problem situation in a timely manner within the pool conduct rules. Adult members will be held responsible for the conduct and actions of their minor aged members and guests of all ages.
    1. Members who are 13 or older can bring 1 guest who is 13years or older without adult on membership present. 
    2. Minor members may be accompanied by adult guest(s) provided they provide front gate with a note signed by an adult member which contains: minor members name, adult member name/signature, guest name, and date.


  1. Adult members are required to familiarize their children and guests with all Rules and Regulations of the pool.
  2. Adults are responsible for the safety of their children in all areas of the main pool, baby pool, and swim club grounds. In no case will a child under the age of 13 be admitted without a parent, or babysitter on record who is at least 13 years of age.
  3. Use of the pool or entering the Club area outside the hours specified is strictly forbidden. Lifeguards must be present before anyone enters the pool and play areas. Violators will be prosecuted.
  4. Children should not trespass on neighboring properties going to and from pool. Parents are responsible for enforcement of this rule.
  5. All bicycling, skateboarding, rollerblading, ball playing or any other sport games or recreational activities are prohibited in the parking lot and driveway. Recreational activities provided by the pool will only be allowed in designated areas. 
  6. Sports equipment can be checked out with Pool Staff at the Front Desk. Adults are responsible for ensuring the equipment is returned to the Front Desk and checked back in or the family will be responsible for replacing the missing items. 
  7. No animals will be permitted in the pool area.
  8. Tables and lounge chairs may not be reserved in advance. Preference for chairs will be given to adults.
  9. In the event of a power outage, restrooms may not be used, and the pool will be cleared. If the power outage continues for more than one hour the pool will be closed until power resumes. Text blasts will be sent out to membership in the case of this event.
  10. Alcohol is not permitted.
  11. The Board of Directors, Officers, and Summer Hill Club, Inc. are not responsible for the loss of valuables or damage to automobiles on the premises.
  12. Violations of rules and regulations and instructions of pool management staff may cause suspension or expulsion from the premises. The Club Manager, or his representatives, has final authority to enforce these rules and eject violators.
  13. Misrepresentation of membership is cause for expulsion or forfeiture of membership from the Club.
  14. The Board of Directors and/or Club Managers have the right to refuse admittance of any member or guest for just cause.
  15. As a courtesy to fellow members, smoking is not permitted within the enclosed areas of the pool grounds.
  16. Invoices for dues, deck rentals, guest passes, membership add ons, snack bar credits, snack bar balances, and any other charges are expected to be paid in a prompt manner by the deadline on the invoice. In select circumstances the club may offer check payment; any payments made by check that do not meet specified criterion will be shredded, not deposited, and will not count as timely payment. Any dues or invoices that are not paid on time are grounds for membership forfeiture. 


  1. No food or drinks will be allowed on the concrete edges of the main or baby pools.
  2. No glass containers are permitted on club property.
  3. Showers are available and members are encouraged to shower prior to entering the pool.
  4. No person with a rash or skin abrasion evident on his/her body shall be permitted to use the pool facilities without a doctor’s certificate.
  5. Use of profane language, spitting, or nose blowing within the pool area is prohibited.
  6. There shall be no dunking or roughhousing in the pool. 
  7. Pool toys used in the main pool must be used in a manner that does not interfere with others’ ability to enjoy the pool, determined by the lifeguards or manager on duty. Enforcement around toy use may particularly vary based on how crowded the pool is. Members are encouraged to use toys in uncrowded, unobstructed areas.
  8. No air mattresses or inflatable tubes are permitted in the pool. Children who have passed the deep end test are permitted to use noodles in the main pool.
  9. Non-swimmers:
    1. Masks are not permitted on non-swimmers.
    2. Parent/Guardian must closely watch children at all times. Parent/Guardian must be in arms reach of non-swimmer(s) in the water at all times.
    3. For the purpose of supporting non-swimmers, only flotation devices that are US Coast Guard approved and approved by the on-site Pool Manager may be used by non-swimmers. If a child uses such a life vest, a parent or guardian must be within arms reach of child in the water at all times. Inner tubes, water wings, and all other flotation devices are not permitted at any time. 
  10. Baby wading pool and diapers:
    1. No lifeguards will be on duty in the baby pool. Parents/Guardians are responsible for children using the wading pool. Members, the on-site Manager and front gate staff are responsible for monitoring the baby pool usage by over aged children. 
    2. All chairs should be kept out of the wading pool as the plaster surface can be damaged by chairs and it is especially a hazard because there is no guard on duty.
    3. Only diapers covered by rubber pants or swim diapers may be used in the baby pool.
    4. Children of any age who are not potty trained are not permitted in the main pool.
  11. Swim test and deep end access: 
    1. All children 13 and younger must pass the deep end swim test before they are permitted to swim in the diving well. The Lifeguard Staff will maintain a list of members and guests that have passed a swim test. A bracelet will be provided after the child passes test the first time. This should be worn when using the deep end. Non-swimmers are not permitted in the deep/diving well end. Swimmers are not allowed in the baby pool.
    2. The swim test is assessed by the pool manager, usually at the top of every hour, in a lap lane. To pass a swimmer must:
      1. Swim the length of the pool (25 meters) in good form without stopping. (Doggie Paddle is not acceptable).
      2. Swim the entire length without stopping – may not hang onto the wall or the lap lane and may not touch the bottom of the pool.
      3. Swim part of the lap with their face in the water.
      4. Tread water for one (1) minute without touching the wall and must keep their head (mouth, nose, ears and back of head) above water the entire time.
  12. Swim check – This check can be requested by a guard or manager if there is a concern about the safety of a child who is in the water without an engaged parent within arms reach.    
    1. The child will need to swim 1 width of the pool without stopping or touching the bottom. They should do this in the shallow end near a wall where a lifeguard can get to them quickly.
    2. If the patron can successfully swim the width of the pool, the patron can stay in the pool without a parent/guardian.
    3. If the patron is unable to successfully complete the swim check, the parent/guardian must remain within reaching distance of the patron (non-swimmer) and stay focused on their child while they are in the water.


  1. Children play at their own risk in this area and abide by posted rules—the lifeguards do NOT supervise the playground.
  2. An adult must supervise children at all times while on the playground.
  3. No throwing of sand, jumping off equipment or roughhousing is permitted.
  4. All members are required to rinse sand off themselves before re-entering the pool area. Please ensure the water is turned off after each use as the pool is on a well and if the water is left on, there is a risk of no water supply to the bathrooms and snack bar.


  1. Parties at Summer Hill Club are reserved for children’s birthday parties or similar celebrations only.(i.e. sports teams or scouting parties). We are not a facility set up to handle other large family or business celebrations.
  2. Reservations must be made for all parties in advance of the date and can be made using your member login information on our Reservations Page. You must include the names of each invited party guest on the day of your event.
  3. Registration is accepted on a first-come first-serve basis and payment secures your rental.  The calendar on the pool website will be updated with the deck reservation. 
  4. Twenty (20) non-member guests may be invited and are included as part of the party fee. Additional guests may be added at the per person guest pass fee up to a total of 25 party guests. Please purchase these additional guest passes prior to your party. One adult chaperone may be included per minor child invited at no additional charge.
  5. All parties must be held on the upper deck.
  6. Only one party is permitted at a time.
  7. Use of sound systems on the deck is prohibited. 
  8. Reservation of the upper deck is limited to 3 hours. Multiple parties on the same day will be scheduled 30 minutes apart to allow time for the birthday family to clean and straighten up the deck area.
  9. The member who made the deck reservation should check in with the manager upon arrival. 
  10. The registered party guests must sign-in by name with the front gate upon arrival.
  11. Parties may be held only during pool hours. The start time no earlier than 30 minutes after the pool opens and finished at least 30 minutes prior to closing.
  12. Members are responsible for set-up and clean up after the party.


  1. All swimming lessons will be arranged through the Pool Manager and swim team coaches.
  2. These lessons can be private or semi-private.
  3. The length of time of each lesson is no less than 30 minutes and the fee charged agreed upon by both the Instructor and Member.
  4. All fees are payable directly to the Instructor.
  5. Lessons will not be held if the pool is closed for any reason prohibiting swimmers from entering the water.

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